Alongside Homecare Services and Non-Skilled Nursing Care, we provide various other services to help our members with daily living. We can assist with cleaning services, transportation, private pay options, meal plans, and personal emergency response systems.

  • BEDBUGS Assistance Plan: We assist housing authorities with the prep which includes the cleaning of all bed, furniture, wall, floors and anything else affected.
  • Adult Daycare Referrals: We are able to refer individuals to adult day care centers in their area.
  • Transportation (PT-1) Assistance: Our case manager will assist in helping provide transportation for consumers who are in need, which includes all forms and paperwork, etc.
  • Private Pay Options: We include rate options for those who want to pay out of pocket.
  • Meals on Wheels: Our case manager will help and assist with providing Meal on Wheels for our homebound members.
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems: We can assist in emergency response through various lifelines.